International No Diet Day

Today is a day to accept ourselves for who we are and be rid of the obsessions of a particular body image that comes with diet after diet.  To start understanding that each and everyone one of us are different for a reason and we should simply love and respect the body we have been given.  Perhaps today is about  starting to educate ourselves on how we can live a happy and healthy lifestyle and how we can teach and help those we love around us to do the same.

Don’t use today as an excuse to let yourself go, but today take the time to reflect and write down what it is you really love about yourself, what changes you may need to endure to run a successful health and fitness campaign so you can enjoy more time with your children, your partner, parents and friends.

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I have realised having a child it really makes you stop and observe the world around you a little bit more.  You have to be careful with the way you behave and speak as essentially you are their mentor.  You start questioning your philosphoies in life because one day they will too.  For me it was also important to look at how my husband and i went about our life, health and fitness is important to us, i would go as far as saying it is a passion, and so i wanted to ensure that our lives portrayed that for our little girl.  We are going to be encouraging and educating her on making smart food choices, so i had to make sure we were making the right ones also.  Hand in hand goes exercise and although this is our business it is our way of life.

I have recently started running workshops in schools, mostly aimed at 11-15 year olds at this stage, that basically teach them about healthy eating, physical activity and making smart choices.  They have so many questions and enthusiasm that it keeps igniting my passion to get out there and spread the word, so with this and the important role i have as the mother to my little girl – this blog is born.

.  I thought this was not only a great way to keep a journal of my thoughts but perhaps share my knowledge with those that have a passion for health and fitness – particularly nutrition like myself, other mothers/mothers to be that need help or would like to share thoughts/ideas on how to best educate themselves and their children.  For the adult out there that has tried everything and just can’t seem to get anywhere with finding the right ‘lifestyle

Here together we can explore current trends and simply spread the word on how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

I look forward to having you along with me on this journey and welcome your contributions.


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