Postive Thinking your way to a healthy weight!

A quick one today but wanted to share my first guest blog on the icreate positivity website.

The following article is how you can keep positive while trying to attain your goal of a healthy weight! These steps can apply to a number of things in life but here we are all about Everything Nutrition.

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Stay Healthy!



Nutrition is our focus in 2014

A little quiet on the blog front at Wall2Wall Fitness in the end last year but in 2014 Wall2Wall Fitness are focused on bringing you Everything Nutrition!

Last week we launched the first Wall2Wall Fitness Nutrition Overhaul program with for our clients.  The program runs for 42 days – why? Because they say it takes 21 days to form a habit and so we are doubling it to make a life choice! The program is really about education and pointing our over-haulers in the right direction to make the right choices when it comes to healthy eating.

There are so many programs out there and although some are great, too many times i have seen clients give it a go for a period of time and seen great results but when the program finishes they too stop being mindful eaters.  So it makes me wonder is this because they don’t know what to do when the program is complete? Is all the hard work being done for them so they don’t know where to start?

Which is why we thought our program would be a little different and base it around education, sharing knowledge and getting our over-haulers interested in leading a healthy lifestyle (and not having it feel like a chore). It would have probably been easier for me to write a general meal plan for the ‘general client’ but as we all know one size doesn’t fit all! So i would rather equip my clients with the right tools and help them make the right decisions.

So for the next few weeks we are going to be covering the topics our clients (and possibly you) want to know more about and go back to the basics to help us all kick start our nutrition and make a change for life in 2014!

Catherine’s 10 commandments – when it comes to nutrition overhauling!


1.   Follow a well-balanced diet MOST of the time

We highly recommend you achieve and maintain a healthy weight, be physically active and choose amount of nutritious food and drinks to meet your energy needs as outlined in the governments Australian Guide to Healthy Eating outline.

Research keeps pointing to guidelines such as these as the answer to our weight issues.  These simple guidelines have been established and based on well researched evidence that simply eating a wide variety of nutritious foods from these 5 groups every day are positively associated with health outcomes.

A guide such as this avoids the confusion of calorie counting which can be confusing for some.

The associated website will give you links to the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating and all the associated material.

Remember – 80% of weight loss/maintenance relies upon good nutrition the rest is exercise.

2. You MUST keep a food diary

According to one of the largest and longest running weight loss maintenance trials ever conducted, keeping a food diary can double a person’s weight loss.

This doesn’t have to be anything formal, it can be a simple note in a work diary, on a phone, on a note pad.  Taking the time to reflect on what we eat helps us become aware of our habits and hopefully helps us change our behaviour.

3. You MUST keep an exercise diary

A training diary is a chronicle, journal, memento, memoir and log. It is a personal record of events, experiences and observations.  It is a great way to build some confidence from your training, stipulate where fatigue may be setting in and relate it back to nutritional intake/work/sleep, create motivation, be accountable, confirm goals or even an emotional outlet – an ideal place to vent particular feelings and help you pinpoint again what may be going wrong or what needs attention.

4. Commit to alcohol free weekdays

It may sound hard but once you get in the habit it becomes rather simple.  And when you do a bit of research and realise that the glass of chardonnay you are drinking will take this many minutes to burn off, sometimes it just isn’t worth it!   TRY IT!

5. Stick to ONE cheat meal a week

It is amazing how one blow out meal a week will simply keep you going! It is something to look forward to, for some a reward for all the hard work throughout the week.  The day you decide to do this make it coincide with a big exercise session day – perhaps 1000 calories burnt that session See here for a great article on succeeding with a cheat meal.

6. Hydrate regularly

The amount of water we need and intake varies depending on individual factors including diet, climate and levels of physical activity and the types of food we are eating.  As per the Australian Dietary Guidelines there is no single level of water intake that would ensure adequate hydration and optimal health for the apparently healthy people in the population.  So the best option – Use your thirst as a guide and check your urine.

7. This is imperative to your success.  A good guide is as follows:

o   ¼ of protein – which equates to the size of your palm

o   ¼ carbohydrates – which equates to the size of your fist

o   ½ Vegetables/salad – remainder of the plate

8. You MUST have a goal, a SMART one at that!

S = Specific – You need to clearly define the goal. I want to get fitter isn’t enough Try “I want to lose 10kg”

M = Measurable – You need to make sure you can clearly track your goal with specific measurements.  How much, how many, how far – so you can track your progress.

A = Achievable – Make sure it is a goal you know you can achieve. You don’t want to set expectations that are unattainable leading to further disappointment. Take into consideration work, family etc – will you make the time?

R = Realistic – Similar to achievable with a little more detail. Based on your workload, be honest with yourself and look at what you are capable of and set realistic goals.  When it comes to fitness and weight loss, we all want the best possible results but choosing an unrealistic goal will only make you feel like a failure. For instance losing 10kg in 10 weeks is realistic but in 2 isn’t.

T = Timely – Have a deadline, put it in your diary and draw up a detailed plan to ensure you reach it. This way you can track your progress and ensure you stay focused.  “I will lose 10kg by May 21 2014”.

9. Stay accountable and stop making EXCUSES!

You must STOP giving excuses to yourself, us and others around you!!  How many times have you said one of the following:

·       I don’t have time because of work

·       I am getting home too late to exercise or eat well

·       Take away is just an easier option

·       I just don’t know where to start

Stay accountable, tell someone what you are trying to achieve, use the resources available to you – keep following the emails, website, and social media and asking me questions to ensure continuous support. This is the best way to ensure you are on track and accomplishing what you are setting out to achieve!!

You can make a change, you just have to want it bad enough

10. Don’t expect the HARD work to be done for you!

It is easy to follow a plan that someone provides you but do you really know what it means and when that plan finishes will you know what to do on your own?

I know a lot of programs will give you a guide of what to eat and drink when, how many calories etc.  but we believe that EDUCATION is the key for you learn and for healthy eating to become a LIFE CHOICE!

So although this program will point you in the right direction, it is really to help educate you on making the healthy choices long-term as if we weren’t here to assist you in the first place!


Stay healthy