Better Me Project #w2wbettermeproject

My first post back in 6 months is not going to be about everything nutrition but on how from now for 6 weeks and beyond we can help motivate/inspire/help eachother to be a ‘better me’

Since the last post in April we have welcomed a beautiful boy into our world, Xavier (almost 6 months). Motherhood gives you a time to reflect on i have found, you don’t seem to sweat the little things as much anymore and really understand what your priorities in life are now.

I am lucky enough to stay home and see my children grow up and watch them as they discover everything new life has to offer. I am able to teach them new things and have become their number 1 role model alongside their dad and grandparents. As health and fitness is a big part of what my husband and i do, this is a big part of who we are that we want to pass on to our children and lead by example, which has its challenges at times.

Being a mum is such a challenging yet rewarding experience and you will hear that many times but there are a lot of adjustments and routines to get used to. But of course when you are a full time mum that works from home and health and fitness is your passion and what makes you feel like you, making YOU a priority can become hard to maintain but of course this applies to all lifestyles, this is just my experience.
But for me to get back to it and convince myself (and to some extent my clients) it can be done, lots of work on my fitness has happened between naps (Michelle and I are great mates) and babysitting but i will admit it has been hard. Like you, my children, my work and other bits and pieces have taken priority over my fitness over the past 6 months. I too have used the excuse i will start again on Monday, tomorrow, next week. With a hard working husband time becomes limited to so you promise yourself the next time he is home you will do it but then family time and adult company is just too inviting. I can rattle off the excuses like the best of you.

I must say one thing through it all my nutrition has been very important and as i believe i am a big role model (especially as a nutritionist) for my children i ensure i have that right (the majority of the time).

So where am i heading with all of this???
It was today as i was going for my second run since my son was born i decided this would be much easier with support! Don’t get me wrong i have a very supportive hubby, especially when it comes to all things fitness because its our world but we can’t run out the door together whenever we want anymore 🙂 And with life comes change and so we are not always available to catch up with that friend and walk around the park when they can, get to the gym for that particular class or we miss Wall2Wall Fitness Boot camp because something has come up yet again. With that we miss the group dynamic, that one friend that keeps you on track. But with social media these days it just seems there is always that someone/s there that can support you. Flicking through daily posts sometimes it can just be a simple sentence/image that sticks in your mind that makes you think differently about something or someone. You see others trying/competing in new things and you wonder could you do that to People/sights dedicated to posting yummy recipes that you want to try too.

And so today as i was running my laps i thought how could i stay motivated and continue to motivate others to achieve their goals in between our boot camp sessions or their own fitness routines when they don’t have anyone to call on. Enters the “Better Me Project”

It is simple, how do you want to become a better you when it comes to health and fitness?? i wont ask you to send me through your weight, your measurements, the time it took you to run 1km or how many push ups you have done in 60 seconds. All I ask you to do, like i have done for so many years, is to motivate, inspire and guide eachother to reach those goals you have set out to when it comes to health and fitness and be a “Better me’ (meaning you haha).

We will start small and aim to stick with this for 6 weeks, beginning Nov 10 (but lets practice from now anyway). We will use the Wall2Wall Fitness page as our forum, where we can be accountable to eachother, simply tell eachother what we want to achieve, post photos of us perhaps doing exercise or the view :), the great food you are preparing (and the recipe), a motivational quote, a post about your session that just may inspire others, feelings of achievement! it can be big or small it just aims to be a “better me”. The more interaction/engaging you are, the better!

If you don’t have a social media account i am happy for you to email me and i will share it for you if you like.

There are no conditions, it is free, don’t put it in the too hard basket because if you are training with us (or don’t have to be) you have already expressed that health/fitness is a priority in your life (even if a small part) and everyone seems to have time for social media these days.
And if you won’t do it for yourself, DO IT FOR ME!!!!

So who is with me??..join us at #W2Wbettermeproject

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