Wall2Wall Nutrition

Has been 18 months since my last post and realising how time consuming being a stay at home mum can be that runs a health and fitness business and studying, little is left to focus on things that are important, but hopefully this post is the start of change.  Our sub-brand Wall2Wall Nutrition has been launched and I am really excited about spreading the health and fitness message more and helping more individuals to make health and nutrition more of a lifestyle choice than a chore.  Over the following weeks however I would like to share with you information about the many questions I am constantly asked and come across when working with athletes and individuals simply looking to change their eating habits.  Would also like to hear from anyone keen to know more on any topic and happy to share my own experience and back it up with the evidence 🙂

So until my next official post, stay healthy and happy – train smart – train hard and eat well while doing it.



Wall2Wall Nutrition